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How does a disposition for inclusive thinking lend itself towards effective cross-cultural effectiveness, curtail implicit biases, acceptance of diversity, and lay the groundwork for (global) leadership and thus equitable strategies?

GlobalEyez has over 10 years of experience in the topics of cross-cultural effectiveness, diversity, inclusion, and global leadership within academic and corporate settings. In fact, ‘GlobalEyez’, the name of the company, is a play on globalization/globalize. No matter how ‘small’ our worlds, we are all impacted by the spoils and benefits of the world’s intent on becoming a ‘global’ village.

When we encounter the ‘other’ do we silo or do we merge? Do we fear or do we embrace? Do we listen or do we speak? Do we integrate or do we assimilate? Do we lead or do we follow? Do we transform or do we cope? GlobalEyez provides expertise/insight on the multi-dimensional aspects of Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Effectiveness using principals of neuroscience/neuropsychology and the catalytic tool of storytelling towards effectual understanding.

Gaining knowledge of the neuroscientific/neuropsychological principles of implicit biases helps us understand the biological basis of perception and how automated behaviors impact our judgment. Coupling this knowledge with storytelling, which is a unique and compelling tool for pulling out narratives of ‘truths’ allows for a robust basis for exploring issues of diversity and inclusion. When we earnestly delve into these topics we cannot escape the stories that surround the labyrinth of complex interconnections and the impact created by perception, experience, history, and innovation in a single person’s life, let stand a group of any size. The aim is to transform individuals and teams into becoming cross-culturally effective and lay a pathway towards more deliberate and consistent leadership through a contemplative understanding of the ‘other’.

Services Offered

  • Training/Workshops for Organizations (half/single/multi-day)

  • Presentation/Talk

  • Group/Individual Training & Coaching

  • Content Creation Strategies/Review