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Our aim is to enable organizational and individual excellence, success and transformation, by optimizing and aligning strategies, diverse perspectives, content, and operational processes.

Estelle-Marie Montgomery

Dr. Estelle-Marie Ebele Montgomery, PhD

Principal & Founder

Estelle-Marie started her personal journey in the northern city of Kano in Nigeria. She is of Black American and Nigerian-Igbo heritage. She arrived in the United States as a 12yr old to pursue her educational ambitions. Shortly after completing her doctorate, she moved to the Netherlands where she lived for 13 years prior to returning back to the United States. In Europe, she pivoted towards the corporate world, initially within the ICT industry and finally establishing her own consulting firm in 2008.

In her almost 25 years of experience, she has garnered executive-level expertise in Strategic Business Operations, Corporate Training in Cross-Cultural Effectiveness & Global Leadership, and Content Creation. Her passion for storytelling underlies her professional approach and output, including as a lecturer and writer. Her focus has always been in leading transformative, innovative, and process optimization programs in technology, health, academic, public, and non-profit sectors with cross-functional and/or international teams. She has expansive experience working in Western Europe, Western/Eastern/Southern African, the United States, and Eastern Asia.

Estelle-Marie holds a BA in Psychology from Rollins College (1991) where she was a Martin Luther King Jr Scholar. Additionally, she holds a Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis focused on developmental Neurosciences/ Neuropsychology, where she was also selected as a Chancellor Fellow (inaugural group) and was the first Ph.D. student to graduate from the fellowship program. As a postdoctoral fellow, she was awarded an NIH National Research Service Award. At Atos in the Netherlands, she was part of a select few enrolled in the Global Leadership Development Award, which led to a Masters in Organizational Leadership Capability from Huddersfield University, UK.

Often and proudly referring to herself as a CATALYST, Estelle-Marie’s analytical & innovative problem-solving skills, keen ability to transcribe ideas, and results-driven orientation enables her to be an effective catalyst for organizational strategic development. She is an excellent communicator, facilitator, influencer, and team player. Her achievements consistently rely on establishing a foundation of trust by developing relationships with partners, colleagues, key stakeholders, executives, and staff. Her personal and professional multicultural perspectives fuels her role as a catalyst, which she sees as an enabler of success by bridging gaps, creating synergies, and clarifying/driving objectives.


  • Non-Profit

  • Technology

  • Health/Wellness

  • Education/Professional Training

  • Public Sector

  • Private Sector


  • USA

  • Western Europe

  • East Asia

  • Western/Central Africa

  • Eastern Africa

  • Southern Africa