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Ideas can be challenging to share, information complex to digest, output difficult to make impactful


Consider a content
specialist, who will help


transcribe your ideas for Effective Sharing,
distill your information into Understandable Chunks, transform your output into Impactful Messages


...and enable you to
create your


corporate story...
investor story...


organizational story...
personal story...


technical story...
scientific story...


... because stories are narratives


...aiming to be compelling.


Let's start to...


The currency of exchanging ideas is priceless


How does a disposition towards inclusive thinking lend itself towards effective cross-cultural effectiveness, acceptance of diversity and lay the ground work for (global) leadership and thus equitable strategies?

Organizational Strategy

Providing strategic advisory services to align and optimize business objectives in order to transform organizational effectiveness.

Content Creation

Expertise in capturing perspectives, distilling ideas and converging strategies. Providing a vast array of content creation services and organizational strategies for individuals, public and private sector organizations. Your content is your identity, your aspirations, your capability and your achievements. Content needs to uniquely position your story and let the brilliance of your diverse ideas achieve your goals.

Estelle-Marie Montgomery

Dr. Montgomery is a senior-level strategic business operations advisor and specialist in the areas of (global) leadership development and cross-cultural effectiveness (diversity/inclusion).

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